When Keith Richards Endangered His 7-Year-Old Son’s Life

As you know, the Rolling Stones lead guitarist Keith Richards has a reputation for being ‘immortal.’ This title’s meaning is twofold; the icon is both spiritually immortal for his fans, but he has also literary cheated death countless times.

From burning to death to being electrocuted on stage, the guitarist might have died over two or three times to this day. For some reason, Richards always survived these fatal incidents that often didn’t even majorly hurt the musician.

His long list of near-death experiences also includes a car crash which was entirely Richards’ fault since he fell asleep while driving. The guitarist didn’t only risk his own life during the accident as his 7-year-old son Marlon was among the passengers of seven people in the car.

Keith Richards Had A Car Crash

As it was penned in his memoir, ‘Life,’ Keith Richards was driving back to London after a Rolling Stones show in Knebworth on May 19, 1976. The musician fell asleep at the wheel, causing the car to drift off the road. As a result, the vehicle, which had seven passengers in it, rammed into a tree.

Once again, Richards was fortunate enough to get nobody, including his 7-year-old son Marlon in the car seriously injured. Although everybody was pretty shaken after the incident, the guitarist mentioned the accident in his book by starting his words with ‘I’m a good driver.’ The Rolling Stones icon was relieved that he didn’t hit someone when he skipped the road.

In his book, Richards penned:

“I’m a good driver. I mean, nobody’s perfect, right? Somewhere I lost it, fell asleep. I just passed out. We skidded off the road. All I hear is Freddie Sessler in the back going, ‘Jesus fucking Christ!’ But I managed to get it off the road and into a field, which is after all the sensible thing to do. At least we didn’t hit anybody. We didn’t kill anybody; we didn’t even hurt ourselves.”

Although Richards dodged the bullet once again, he was caught with drugs in his car as the police found them after they arrived at the scene. The substances in his care caused Richards to be arrested and a fine. However, he was lucky that nobody got hurt, including his own son.