Why David Gilmour Was Hospitalized For Malnutrition

While Pink Floyd’s original plan was for David Gilmour to join the band as a touring member to handle Syd Barrett’s vocal and guitar parts, it quickly became clear that the guitarist would be a better choice for the band’s long-term future. This proved to be the right decision as his exceptional guitar work is featured in the band’s highly-appreciated albums like ‘The Dark Side of the Moon,’ ‘Wish You Were Here,’ and ‘The Wall.’

Gilmour always attracted attention, but he stood out more following Roger Waters’ departure since he took over the band’s leadership responsibilities. Although his great fame and countless achievements are not up for discussion, the road to success was not smooth. While he always had a considerable interest in music, he faced many difficulties and setbacks on the way to success and worldwide popularity.

David Gilmour’s Early Life

David Gilmour started to develop an interest in music when his parents made him listen to the prominent artists of the period. Later, he heard the sound of Bill Haley, Elvis Presley, and the Everly Brothers, which aroused his curiosity for guitar playing. When Gilmour picked up his first guitar, he eagerly began learning to play alone. Later in his school years, the guitarist met the future Pink Floyd members Syd Barrett and Roger Waters.

He went to the same college as Barrett, which allowed them to practice guitar together in their free time. The two quickly formed a bond that wouldn’t break in the coming years. Gilmour was studying A-Level modern languages at the college, but he knew his passion for music would eventually take over. His eagerness to play music would even cause him to be hospitalized for malnutrition.

Why Did David Gilmour Require Treatment For Malnutrition?

During his days in college in 1962, David Gilmour became a member of the blues rock band Jokers Wild. They were an all-singing band like the Beatles and mostly played covers from famous artists and bands of the time. They performed in various places such as youth clubs, village halls, private parties, and some notable venues around Cambridge.

Although the band never made an official record, they are still remembered as the act featuring David Gilmour before he joined Pink Floyd. Following his departure from the band, Gilmour decided to busk around Europe with some friends, including Syd Barrett. They performed covers of the Beatles in the streets of Spain and France.

They intended to make their voices heard and earn a living by performing on the streets, which found little success. Their attempt pushed them so hard that it caused David Gilmour to end up being treated for malnutrition in a hospital. They couldn’t make enough money to be able even to afford basic needs like food. Thus, the guitarist had to stay in the hospital for some time to regain strength and pull himself back.