Cher Admits She’s Relieved Adam Lambert Wasn’t Her Rival

Cher recently shared her thoughts on one of the covers of her song, ‘Believe.’ Current Queen vocalist Adam Lambert performed the singer’s 1998 hit at the 41st Annual Kennedy Center Honors in 2019. Lambert’s ballad version of the song brought Cher to tears. Appearing on The Guardian for an interview to discuss her upcoming album, the singer recalled the performance and admitted to being relieved that Lambert is not her rival.

The singer shared her thoughts about the performance and admitted:

“That’s one of the greatest vocal performances of any song by anybody. To recreate it so completely with such a beautiful voice, I just thought, ‘Dude, I’m glad you weren’t around when I was doing this!'”

Cher shared her thoughts about the performance earlier as well. When Lambert’s version of the song was first shared on YouTube, the singer took to X to share her reaction to the performance with her fans, by writing the following words:

“Was sitting on plane, thinking… Adam Lambert’s version of ‘Believe’… Is beyond comprehension.”

Lambert, too, took to X to thank Cher for her words.

The performance doesn’t mark the only time the Queen frontman sang the hit in front of an audience. The singer also sang the same hit during Capital’s Summertime Ball this year.

Cher’s upcoming album is set to be released on October 20. Below, you can see Lambert’s 2019 performance.