Perry Farrell Shares A Heartbreaking Farewell To His Best Friend Taylor Hawkins


Jane’s Addiction’s Perry Farrell shared a video on his Instagram to bid farewell to his close friend Taylor Hawkins, the Foo Fighters drummer who recently passed away.

Following Taylor Hawkins’ untimely death on March 25, his Foo Fighters bandmates, fans, and fellow musicians felt devastated. Hawkins was known as a person who always had a smile on his face and one who brought his positive energy everywhere he went. So, losing Hawkins seems quite challenging for those who knew him closely.

On their social media accounts, fans and Hawkins’ friends began paying tribute to the drummer by remembering their special memories or praising his musical talents as well as his personality. On the other hand, some bid farewell to the musician in their way; by writing an open letter or a heartfelt poem like Stevie Nicks did.

Perry Farrell said goodbye to his friend Taylor Hawkins in his recent Instagram post with a touching video eulogy. The video stated that Hawkins was his best friend, and his wife, children, and even his dog Cloud loved him. Farrell then recalled that he would make music with Hawkins, and their dog would go and sit by him.

Following that, Farrell stated Hawkins was among the most passionate drummers he had ever seen and described the drummer with the word ‘velocity.’ He then added that Hawkins has a prominent place in his heart. Moreover, he accepted him into his heart because Hawkins was such a pure person who had a pure heart.

In the video he posted on Instagram, Perry Farrell said the following:

“Taylor Hawkins died yesterday. He was my best friend, beloved in my home by my wife, my children, even my dogs. Whenever Taylor came over, we would make music in the den. Our dog Cloud would always go and sit right by him. He was one of the most passionate drummers I’ve ever seen in my lifetime.

When I think of him, I sum it up with one word, velocity. He had the gift to maintain a confident, striking, and stroking velocity on drums. There’s a large part of my heart that I had reserved for him. I accepted him into my heart when we became friends because he was such a pure guy. So pure of heart…”

Perry Farrell also shared short footage of Hawkins and him towards the end of the video. As seen in the footage, Hawkins and Farrell are singing Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ on the street and enjoying their time together.