When Steven Tyler Revealed The Exact Amount Of Money He Spent On Drugs

Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler undoubtedly has many highlights in his music career, that spans over five decades, such as being named as one of the greatest vocalists of all time by many respectable magazines. Tyler is known for a number of signature characteristics, such as his high screams and great vocal range, colorful outfits on stage, and trademark scarves hanging from his microphone stand.

In addition to his lifestyle that goes along with his rock star image, the ‘Demon of Screamin’ also has reputation for his excessive substance abuse just like many of his fellow musicians. This is not very surprising as Steven Tyler is the definition of extreme when it comes to his personal life, including romantic affairs, and has spent a fortune on drugs throughout his entire career. Although it may be shocking, the musician admitted spending $2 million on drugs and we’re here to break down the story behind this confession.

Steven Tyler Spent A Total Of $2 Million On Drugs

During an episode of ‘Spill Your Gut or Fill Your Guts’ with James Corden back in 2018, Steven Tyler had to confess much more than he actually wanted to due to the format of the game. According to the rules, the two asked very personal questions to each other and they had to either answer honestly or eat the disgusting things on the table, such as cow intestines and pig jelly.

Right off the bat, James Corden asked Steven Tyler how much money he has spent on drugs in his entire lifetime. Tyler was given the option to either answer the question or eat the pig head jelly. Being the brave and honest musician he is, the charming singer actually chose to answer the question.

While many people were expecting thousands of dollars since Aerosmith’s frontman has quite a reputation considering his substance abuse, none of them were expecting a total of $2 million. Furthermore, the musician humorously stated that he snorted half of Peru and the question was incredibly easy for him.

In his own words, Steven Tyler said:

About $2 million, easy. I snorted half of Peru. I mean, ask anyone who’s going to be honest with you, come on!’

In spite of the fact that spending $2 million on drugs sounds incredibly excessive, considering the net worth of Steven Tyler which is $150 million in 2021, it only takes away a small portion of his fortune. Therefore, his unexpected confession created a huge effect at first but didn’t deeply surprise many of his fans once they thought about it. After all, he’s the frontman of Aerosmith.

You can see the interview below.