Gilby Clarke Targets Axl Rose’s Attitude While Talking About The Writing Process Of ‘Chinese Democracy’

Former Guns N’ Roses guitarist Gilby Clarke looked back on his three-year tenure with the band during an interview with Scars & Guitars, and apparently when Clarke and guitarist Slash suggested new tracks for the upcoming album back then, Axl Rose didn’t want the direction the songs offered.

As many of you know, Gilby Clarke joined Guns N’ Roses as the band’s rhythm guitarist during ‘Use Your Illusion Tour in 1991 when Izzy Stradlin decided to abruptly leave the band, therefore, Clarke came to the scene and performed with the band for the rest of the tour which lasted until 1993.

Gilby Clarke featured on the fifth studio album of Guns N’ Roses which was named ‘The Spaghetti Incident?’ released on November 23, 1993. Despite many of the tracks in the album were already recorded with original guitarist Izzy Stradlin, they were later re-recorded by Clarke and the album was released with Clarke’s performance.

After the release of ‘The Spaghetti Incident?’ the band started working on a new album for which both guitarist Slash and Gilby Clarke offered numerous tracks, however, they all weren’t ‘appropriate’ enough for the lead vocalist Axl Rose as Clarke revealed during a recent interview.

Apparently, all the tracks that were brought to Axl Rose didn’t have the sense that he wanted to feel suited for the direction he wanted to go in for the upcoming album which was one of the biggest reasons why it took years to release ‘Chinese Democracy.’

Here is what Clarke said:

“Oh yeah, my first record, ‘Pawnshop Guitars,’ I brought all those songs to Guns when we were talking about a record. And Slash brought in the whole Snakepit record as songs for Guns.

We’ll never really know what Axl really thinks, but it wasn’t the direction he wanted to go in. Then you hear ‘Chinese Democracy,’ you can understand why it wasn’t that, it was this.”

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