When Ozzy Osbourne Admitted The Harm ‘The Osbournes’ Did To His Family 

There are many things that made Ozzy Osbourne famous; from his legendary music carer with Black Sabbath to endless unbelievable stories that have left a mark in metal history. Whether you appreciate him as an influential musician or a wild rockstar, both show that the singer has been an icon for decades.

Since his personal life is as interesting as his music career, he had to have a reality TV show for his curious fans. Although the show named ‘The Osbournes‘ made the Prince of Darkness the pioneer of reality TV, it also had negative consequences. Let’s dig deeper into Osbourne’s statements on how the show ruined his kids and wife.

Ozzy Osbourne’s Family Members Became Reality Stars

The legendary reality TV show ‘The Osbournes‘ first aired on MTV on March 5, 2002. The program featured the domestic life of Ozzy Osbourne and his family, including his wife Sharon Osbourne and their daughter Kelly, and son Jack.

In its first season, the show was cited as the most-viewed series ever on MTV, and the Osbourne family had multiple mind-blowing moments throughout the program. The episodes covered many moments, such as Sharon’s battle with cancer, the aftermath of an ATV accident that nearly killed Ozzy, and many more.

Following four successful seasons, the final episode of ‘The Osbournes’ aired on March 21, 2005. While the show was a hit for the family, it had its downsides which their daughter Aimee, who refused to participate in the show, publicly criticized.

Ozzy Osbourne Regrets Filming ‘The Osbournes’

During a 2010 interview with The Quietus, Ozzy Osbourne reflected on their reality show and revealed how he and his family felt during the show’s shooting. According to the Black Sabbath icon, waking up to their house filled with cameras made them feel attacked as they were under surveillance all the time.

In addition to this, Osbourne stated that he watched his family suffer, regardless of its undeniable success. He also didn’t forget to mention that ‘The Osbournes’ started a new direction in reality TV, but the Osbourne family wouldn’t probably consider coming back with a new show.

Regarding the show, Osbourne said:

“You go to bed one day, and you wake up the next day, and the world’s completely different. Everywhere there are fucking cameras, you get attacked by the fucking things. The kids couldn’t handle it. My wife couldn’t handle it: she had colon cancer.

On the one hand, it was phenomenal. On the other hand, I had to watch my family suffer. But we invented a new form of television. We started the ball rolling for all these fuckin’ new shows now. Would we do it again? I don’t know. I don’t think so.”

Considering Ozzy Osbourne’s health status and Sharon’s recent racism scandal, the family doesn’t seem eager to receive more attention regarding their personal life any time soon. While fans would appreciate a new show coming from the Osbourne’s, it’s most likely impossible in the near future.