How Did Ozzy Osbourne Almost Die And A Security Guard Revive Him

If there’s one thing that the Black Sabbath icon Ozzy Osbourne has surprised his fans with, it must be his surviving skills as none of his fans would have imagined that the musician would be this healthy at the age of 72 considering his abuse of drugs and alcohol. From drinking his own urine to snorting a line of ants, the musician has a peculiar history when it comes to putting his life at risk.

Despite the fact that Ozzy himself thinks he should have been dead multiple times, as he revealed during an interview with Rolling Stone, he has managed to cheat death several times. The reason behind Prince of Darkness’ frequent life-threatening experiences was mainly drug overdose and alcohol poisoning. However, the musician almost killed himself after a quad bike accident. Yes, you heard it right, Ozzy Osbourne once stopped breathing after a quad bike accident and we’re here to break down the story.

Ozzy Osbourne Had A Quad Bike Accident That Almost Killed Him

During an episode of the famous reality tv show ‘The Osbournes,’ the Black Sabbath frontman was spotted having a tour with his quad bike and as the weather got cold, the musician decided to return to his house. On his way back, the musician had a fatal crash and he was found lying on the floor unconscious.

When the security guard and cameramen found Ozzy Osbourne, they realized that he wasn’t breathing and the security guard that found him actually managed to bring the musician back to life. After making sure that Ozzy was breathing and his pulse was back again, the Prince was rushed to the hospital immediately.

Ozzy Osbourne Was Able to Breath With A Ventilator After The Crash

During an interview with Mirror following the horrible accident, his wife Sharon Osbourne opened up about the details of the crash and stated that Ozzy Osbourne stopped breathing and he had no pulse. In addition to revealing that it was the security guard who brought him back to life, Sharon said that the rocker’s body was traumatized due to the numerous injuries.

During the interview with Mirror, Sharon said:

“He had stopped breathing for a minute and a half and there was no pulse. But thank God the security guard was there to revive him. He resuscitated him and got him breathing and his pulse going again. He has got such horrendous injuries to his body. His whole body is traumatized.”

After being rushed to the hospital, it was found out that Ozzy Osbourne fractured eight ribs and a vertebra in his neck. As a result, the musician was on a hospital ventilator. Fortunately, the Black Sabbath icon was soon able to breathe unaided and cheated death once again.

You can watch the moments when Ozzy Osbourne stopped breathing below.