Dimebag Darrell Would Have Chosen Zakk Wylde To Play His Parts In Pantera, Scott Ian Claims

As the rehearsals begin for the Pantera reunion, the excitement of fans and band members is mounting. In a recent episode of Primordial Radio presenter Dewsbury, Anthrax’s Scott Ian commented on Zakk Wylde joining the original members to play the guitar, and judging by his comments, he believes it was a decision that Dimebag would definitely approve of.

“Oh, man. You know what? The two of those dudes, they were as thick as thieves, those two guys,” he said, referring to Zakk and Darrell. “They were so close, there was definitely a bond… I won’t go as far as to say… Look, obviously, Darrell and Vinnie were brothers. Zakk was probably as close as you could get to actually having a blood relation to Darrell. Those two dudes were, like I said, thick as thieves, man.”

He continued, “As long as I knew Darrell, and I hate to ever say, ‘I knew the guy and this is what he would want — I feel a little uncomfortable ever doing anything like that — but in this situation, I feel like I would make an exception because I would truly think Darrell, based on my many, many, many, many conversations over the years with him, would have definitely said, ‘If I ain’t here, you’ve gotta get Zakk up there to f*cking fly the flag. It just sounds like something Darrell would have said. So, yeah, I think Zakk is — he’s the guy; he is the guy.”

Surviving members Phil Anselmo and Rex Brown announced this July that after 20 years, Pantera would be playing together again. Although this announcement first created a wave of excitement, in a short time, a great curiosity about who would play the guitar was added to this excitement. Zakk Wylde aspired to this from the start. However, in an interview with EON Music after this announcement, Rex Brown assured the fans that this would not happen.

Time passed, and the surviving members’ opinions on this matter changed. It was Anselmo who called Zakk Wylde to offer him the gig, and Wylde accepted it the moment he got the offer. They’re rehearsing now, and Wylde has even started practicing his own parts by watching them on Youtube! December is almost here, and the big event will happen very soon.