Machine Gun Kelly Responds To Criticism Of Him Making Rock Songs

Machine Gun Kelly shifted from his usual hip-hop sound to the rock genre with his album ‘Tickets to My Downfall.’ Although his career improved after the release of the rock album, he still got a lot of criticism and he didn’t stay silent. He recently posted a TikTok showing his rage towards people who judge him for shifting genres. 

Machine Gun Kelly has been active in the music world since 2012 and has released 5 studio albums since then. He is known to produce his albums differently from each other and to improve his music in each one. Even though he reached success with such transitions, there were still people who criticised him for not being stable on a certain genre.

Machine Gun Kelly released ‘Tickets to My Downfall’ in September 2020 and successfully showed his talents in the punk rock genre as well. His album became the only rock album to be on the Billboard 200 in 2020. This unfortunately wasn’t enough to stop people from criticising him.

Recently, Machine Gun Kelly responded to the criticism from his TikTok account. He angrily stated that he is criticised no matter what genre song or album he drops and told those people who judge him to ‘shut the fuck up.’

This is what he said in his TikTok:

“MGK drops a rock song ‘ohh he doesn’t do rap anymore’ MGK drops a rap song ‘ohh he doesn’t do rock anymore’ Shut the fuck up. God damn I am not fucking dying tomorrow, I just drop music.”

His fans laughed at the way he responded to those people writing comments like ‘Machine Gun Angry’ and ‘Machine Gun Karen’ meaning that his backlash is funny and for some reason they cannot take him seriously. Some people brought up the feud between MGK and Eminem stating that MGK is abandoning rap because Eminem ended his career with ‘Killshot.’