Ozzy Osbourne Says His Wife Sharon Is ‘The Most Unracist Person’ While Defending Her Against Racism Accusations

Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne opened up about the accusations against his wife Sharon Osbourne on being racist after her comments about Piers Morgan’s statements during a recent episode of his Sirius XM show ‘Ozzy’s Boneyard’ and apparently, Sharon is the last person to be racist on this earth, according to the legendary musician.

As many of you remember, the world divided into two after the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s scandalous interview with Oprah Winfrey during which Meghan Markle revealed that the Royal Family has concerns about the skin color of their baby since Markle has an African American mother. While some people simply supported her, some people also didn’t believe Markle after all the drama between her and the Royal Family.

One of the people who wasn’t convinced with Meghan Markle’s statements was Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan who opened up about this matter during an episode and his opinions, as always, drew a great amount of attention with many people accusing him of being racist as well.

Being good friends with Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne took Twitter to show support for her close friend stating that everybody has the freedom to express their opinion, however, some fans were also offended by her statements ultimately accusing her of being a racist herself for supporting Morgan.

In order to clear the air about the whole racism allegations, Sharon Osbourne opened up about the matter during an episode of The Talk which made things even worse as she got a little too defensive while the co-hosts of the show who was also a person of color kept asking her questions about racism. Eventually, despite Osbourne revealed a statement on her Twitter, apologizing to everybody who felt offended, she made the decision to depart her role as a host in the Talk.

Despite these incidents that happened nearly two months ago, Sharon Osbourne still is receiving major backlash over her statements about one of the most sensitive matters, therefore, her 22 years of husband Ozzy Osbourne opened up about the matter during a recent episode of his own podcast, stating that she’s the last person to be racist one can ever meet which was also stated by Sharon herself previously.

Here is what Ozzy Osbourne said:

“If my wife was slightly racist, I’ll tell you she is possibly the most unracist person I’ve ever met. I’m not just saying that you know?”

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