When Brian Johnson Revealed The Actual Founder Of AC/DC

AC/DC has managed to establish itself as one of the defining acts of the 1980s with their high-energy shows and dynamic sound, which made them must-see performers. The band has stood out in the rock scene with their work ethic, ambition, and unique chemistry. Their distinctive blend of hard rock, blues, and heavy metal helped the band create their characteristic sound.

Besides their massive impact on music, the group has also immensely influenced popular culture. Their tracks appeared in countless movies, TV shows, and video games. While Malcolm Young and his brother Angus Young are the founders of AC/DC, the two names played different roles within the band and its way to success. Angus has served as the face of the band, whereas Malcolm mostly stood behind. Let’s see what the group’s lead singer Brian Johnson thought of Malcolm Young’s position within the band.

What Did Brian Johnson Say About Malcolm Young?

Although his younger brother Angus Young has always been under the spotlight, Malcolm Young was the creative force behind AC/DC’s works. He had the lion’s share in the group’s iconic hard rock tone with his fantastic guitar riffs. He was the leader and soul of the band for decades with his endless creativity.

Unfortunately, the mastermind of AC/DC passed away after a long battle with dementia on November 18, 2017. He had been diagnosed with a few other diseases following the band’s world tour to support their fifteenth studio album, ‘Black Ice,’ released in 2008. Later on, he took a break from the band in 2014 due to his deteriorating health condition. Later that year, he was diagnosed with dementia and died from it when he was only 64.

Following his death, musicians from across the globe paid tribute to the late rhythm guitarist on various platforms. His bandmate, Brian Johnson, also shared a heartfelt statement to share his feelings over his passing. The singer said in his statement that they had many great memories on the road, and he couldn’t believe the guitarist had departed from this world.

Johnson praised Malcolm’s glamorous guitar skills and offered his condolences to his wife, children, and brother, Angus Young. The rocker thinks Malcolm Young left a matchless legacy behind, and he was the actual founder of AC/DC. The idea of founding the band and deciding on its musical direction was Malcolm Young’s. Thus, Brian Johnson sees the late guitarist as the band’s creator.

Brian Johnson’s statements following Malcolm Young’s death:

“I am saddened by the passing of my friend Malcolm Young; I can’t believe he’s gone. We had such great times on the road. I was always aware that he was a genius on guitar; his riffs have become a legend, as has he. I send out my love and sympathy to his wife Linda, his children Cara and Ross, and Angus, who will all be devastated as we all are.

He has left a legacy that I don’t think many can match. He never liked the celebrity side of fame, and he was too humble for that. He was the man who created AC/DC because he said: ‘There was no rock and roll’ out there. I am proud to have known him and call him a friend, and I’m going to miss him so much. I salute you, Malcolm Young.”

The singer also referred to Malcolm Young’s humble character despite his enormous contribution to the band’s long-term success in his statements. The singer stated that he feels very proud to have known and worked with him. He will miss him a lot for the rest of his life.