Nikki Sixx’s Adorable Revelation: Juggling Between Mötley Crüe Shows and Diaper Changes!

Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx recently opened up about his family and the impact the band and touring have on it. The rocker shared a picture of himself with his 3-year-old daughter via Instagram, and in the description, he wrote:

“I have some pretty badass tough, cool kids. They’ve all been traveling the world supporting dads job in the circus since really early age. They all had to learn to go with the flow. They had to understand it’s called ‘Hurry up and wait’ or ‘Holy fuck, we’re gonna miss the plane if we don’t go now’.

Sixx didn’t forget to mention his daughter Ruby’s experience traveling Europe with her dad:

“The world is full of new experiences, but sometimes being a kid, you just want some creature comforts and a simple routine. My youngest daughter Ruby just traveled all of Europe and like her brothers and sisters, did it like a champ. Nice to be back home for a break before we go back at it. Tonight is night one of the Sixx family ‘Unplugged’ summer staycation…”

The bassist also made it clear that he’s really grateful to have his family around while on tour to Europe. Kicking off Father’s Day with the band’s Belgium show, Sixx shared his thoughts on both the tour and his family. He told People:

“I get to be a dad and a rockstar all in the same 24 hours, and honestly I don’t know which one I work harder at but I love it. My older kids are either in college or working and having Ruby out on the road keeps my head grounded.”

Along with Ruby, the rocker has four more children, and he made it clear that no matter what happens in their lives, he will be here for them.

See the Instagram post here.

Credit: Nikki Sixx – Instagram