Brian May Shares His ‘Pure Speculation’ About New Virus Variant


Queen’s Brian May recently shared a new Instagram post to update his fans on his current health status and to share his own ‘pure speculation’ about the new Omicron variant.

After announcing his coronavirus diagnosis, Brian May took Instagram to inform fans about how he feels and to update them on his current health condition. In one of his previous posts, he uploaded a video of himself looking at a clock and his positive test result, implying he grew impatient while waiting to recover.

In the post, May also talked about his health status on the eighth day of the disease. As a supporter of vaccinations against COVID, he said that getting vaccinated has really helped him during the recovering process. Moreover, the musician warned his fans to be extra careful not to spoil their Christmas.

Following that, Brian May claimed that the new Omicron variant is totally out of control in the world. He then asked his followers if any of them knows which variant they caught as he was told this information isn’t available from the tests he took. Moreover, the guitarist questioned where these statistics come from every day if that’s the case.

In his recent Instagram post, May said he was surprised to see his previous post reached a million views. He then updated his fans on the 16th day of the disease, which he assumes as the Omicron variant of coronavirus. May warned his followers again to be very careful as the previous variants are still out there and deadly.

After detailing his health condition, Brian May continued talking about the ‘neo-Covid’ concept. He then revealed his ‘pure speculation’ based upon what he has seen and claimed there are people who don’t test positive and still suddenly get symptoms identical to the infected. May also warned his followers to stay away from people who suddenly get ‘nasty’ colds.

Brian May’s Instagram post read:

“I’m still baffled… but thank folks for a million views on this post (about 10 posts ago) – I’m glad it was useful. Today, I’m at day 16 after the event which infected me with (I’m presuming) the Omicron variant of Covid. I’m still congested with a slight cough, and still sleeping too much. But I’ve been consistently negative in lateral flow tests for a number of days now.

I feel pretty much fine except for tiredness – but that may be partly due to the fact that most days I choose to do my cardio exercise on the bike rather than rest! So do not fear out there – it seems that in most cases there is life after Omicron. But do be very careful. Even if the booster shot is shown to be little defense against Omicron, the previous variants are still out there – against which the shots are a proven good defense. And those previous variants are still deadly. My advice? Don’t relax your guard. Minimize your contacts. Good luck! Bri.”

In the post, May then continued:

“‘Neo-Covid’? I have one more piece of random advice. It’s really pure speculation – I don’t have access to research data on infections. This is based purely upon what I have seen, and would rightly be judged to be anecdotal. But around clusters of definite Covid infections over the last couple of weeks, I have noticed that there seem to be groups of people who suddenly get nasty colds, which do not ever produce a positive result in a lateral flow test.

The particular ‘colds’ they get seem to exhibit almost identical symptoms to the cluster of positive Covid infected that they were close to. It seems like too much of a coincidence to me. I have this feeling that there might be a kind of ‘neo–Covid’ reaction out there, perhaps in people who have immunity for one reason or another or perhaps only receive a low viral load at the point of infection.

Why would this matter? Well, if their symptoms are being caused by the Omicron virus but are hidden, there must be a possibility that they can infect people around them with the virus. Right? So my advice is to stay away from people who suddenly, for no apparent reason, get nasty colds. And if you get one, think about your family and friends. Bri.”

Below, you can check out the pictures Brian May included in his post.