Van Halen’s David Lee Roth Puts A ‘Convincing Evidence’ On The Table From The Time He Got Into Trouble With The Police


Former Van Halen lead vocalist David Lee Roth shared a post on his official Twitter page revealing the actual ending of his recent story in which Roth illustrated how he was chased by cops after a person picked on him while he was riding a bike, apparently, his story has another ‘to be continued in addition to a picture from the time the incident happened.

As you might recall, David Lee Roth started a storytelling series thanks to his marvelous drawing technique with which he often creates beautiful artworks such as his ‘Soggy Bottom’ comic series and visual & audio story ‘The Roth Project.’ Roth shared a post on Twitter revealing illustrations in which he told the time when he got into serious trouble while riding a bicycle in his and Van Halen brothers’ hometown, Pasadena, California.

While fans wanted to see more after seeing that the very real incident was going in a thrilling direction, the legendary lead vocalist shared another post, telling the rest of the story. Apparently, Roth managed to escape from the cops and the people at first only to be blocked by a dog on a leash, nevertheless, he got away.

After seeing the ending, most fans thought the exciting story was over, however, Roth had more to say about the incident as it wasn’t completely over. Later on, David Lee Roth shared more illustrations, revealing that he cycled to his house with fear of having cops waiting for him. Just as expected, nobody was there to arrest Roth for a crime he didn’t commit, he paid homage to his beautiful dog Russ who passed away in April 2019.

Since there’s nothing left to say about this interesting memory filled with energy, fans were surprised to see David Lee Roth sharing a recent post on his official Twitter page putting an indefinite ending to it with brand new drawings in addition to an actual picture from that day.

While Roth stated that those people were trying to test him along with teaching him a lesson, implying that he had some sort of enemies back in those days in addition to revealing the picture of his gloves which were torn apart from the day he was chased.

Here is what Roth said:

Someone was teaching us ‘a lesson.’ ‘I dunno Russ, do I seem any smarter?’ ‘Maybe a little…’ Clearly, ‘whoever it was’ didn’t agree… So they tried again…”

You can see the Twitter post and his ‘evidence’ below.