Exodus’ Steve Zetro Souza Picks The Three Best Metal Acts Of All Time

Anyone has their picks when it comes to naming the best metal acts of all time, and if you are wondering what Steve Zetro Souza‘s picks were, this article might be of help. Souza recently joined Jonathan Montenegro’s My 3 Questions podcast and discussed his favorite bands.

“I could go on forever; there’s so many that I could say,” told the Exodus frontman when he was asked to list which metal legends were among his favorites. “But you have to give… For me, Bon Scott, Ronnie James Dio, and, obviously, Rob Halford.”

Steve continued by paying homage to his other favorites, Saxon’s Biff Byford and Anthrax’s John Bush, and discussed their influences on his music. Souza remarked, “But I then I could go Biff Byford, I could go John Bush. I have so many that I love and am influenced by, that I’m influenced by.”

Souza then pointed out how these cult frontmen had much influence on today’s metal scene and paid tribute to the late AC/DC frontman, Bon Scott, by disclosing his influence on him. “They’re such legends, and they had such an impact on how singers like myself sing today, especially Bon Scott; I mean, my voice is pretty much an imitation of it.”

So, the frontman’s favorite vocalists included the legendary names of AC/DC’s Bon Scott, Black Sabbath and Dio’s Ronnie James Dio, and, last but not least, Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford. However, he also noted that so many other veteran rockers influenced his music and continued to inspire new artists too.