David Lee Roth Reveals The End Of His ‘Escaping The Cops’ Story But It Doesn’t Meet Fans’ Expectations

Van Halen’s former frontman David Lee Roth recently posted four new sketches on his Twitter account and surprised his fans by continuing his story about being chased by five guys in the neighborhood that he and the Van Halens grew up in.

As you may recall, a couple of days ago the iconic rockstar and current visual artist Diamond Dave had made it to our headlines with his ‘true story’ about escaping a series of traps and managing to get away from five guys, some of them being cops. Roth had shared this story with his fans by using his talents both as a storyteller and as an artist and posting his visual artwork on his Twitter account.

To summarize, the story was about Dave cycling in the neighborhood where he and the Van Halens grew up and coming across a guy sliding his boombox in front of Roth’s bike so that he would trip and fall. After managing to escape that, Roth starts getting chased by five guys coming out of their cars, some of them shouting ‘police‘ and ‘stop or we’ll shoot.’ While considering surrendering, because his only out is blocked by a guy walking his dog on a leash, he sees an opening and manages to cycle through it.

Although fans thought that this was the end of the story, it apparently wasn’t. Just some hours ago, David posted four more sketches on his Twitter account and described how he felt while cycling towards his house after he’d escaped everyone. It looks like he was quite scared that the cops would be waiting for him in front of his house, but to his disappointment, no one was there which made him think that this isn’t alegit bust.’ The biggest happening after that point was that Diamond Dave’s dog Russ ran out of the gates.

Here’s the rest of the story:

“3 blocks away, nobody in front of the – famous house, it’s on the ‘Rose Parade Tour.’ Not a legit bust, would have been waiting in front. Shit!

The gate takes forever, and now Russ is out. At least we died together on-camera…

Nothing… Nothing?

*Crickets, crickets*

This wasn’t our first trip to the circus.”

You can check out David Lee Roth’s recent tweet below.