Mick Jagger Had A Penchant For Younger Women, Ex-Girlfriend Dana Gillespie Recalls

In a recent interview with The Mirror, Dana Gillespie talked about her past fling with Mick Jagger. She also discussed the Rolling Stones vocalist and his bandmates’ interest in women under the age of twenty. The singer said:

“You know, he’s always had an eye for the girls, even in Mustique; if a good-looking, young girl, I’ve got to say usually under 20-25, walked across the dance floor, you’d know where his eyes would be going.”

Then, comparing Jagger and the other band members, she added:

“Having said that, all the band would do exactly the same thing. He’s very lucky. He’s had the cream of all of the women.”

Mick Jagger reportedly slept with more than 4 000 women and had eight children with five of them. Currently, he’s dating Melanie Hamrick, who was seen wearing a diamond ring lately.

The ring caused engagement rumors a few weeks ago, but the former ballerina denied these in an interview with People. She explained:

“I have to giggle because did Mick give me the ring? Yes. Is it for that finger? Yes. But are we like horny ¬teenagers where we’re giving each other… In my mind, it’s a promise ring. We’ll be immature and call it a promise ring.”

Following this, a Rolling Stones representative also addressed the news, saying it was ‘ill-informed gossip’ and ‘not true.’