Def Leppard’s Joe Elliott Admits He’s A Pop Singer


Def Leppard lead singer Joe Elliott opened up about his vocal capacity and revealed that he’s mostly singing like a pop musician, not like a rock musician, and explained the reason behind it during his recent appearance on The Healing Power of Singing.

As you probably know, Def Leppard was founded in 1977 and became one of the milestone hard rock and metal bands. Since their debut studio album ‘On Through the Night,’ released on March 14, 1980, Def Leppard has achieved international fame and commercial success with their hit records for more than forty years.

Even though Def Leppard is considered a rock or metal band, the band’s frontman Joe Elliott defines himself as a pop singer due to his vocal range. In his recent interview, he highlighted that he can sing hard rock songs like AC/DC lead singer Brian Johnson does but only for a while. He admitted that he can’t sing the whole song at the top with full distortion.

After Elliott described himself as a pop singer, he unveiled why he chose to define his vocal talent like that despite being a rock band singer by saying that it’s easier to perform pop songs for him. However, Def Leppard’s lead vocalist highlighted that he can sing hard rock or heavy metal songs thanks to his vocal coach.

Eliott said in his interview that:

“Because it was a pop song and essentially I’m not really a rock singer. I’m really not. I’m a pop singer. I can sing things like ‘Rock on’ by David Essex as we did on the cover album. So much easier than I can sing like Led Zeppelin stuff.

I can do Brian Johnson quite well because of working with Mo, I know how you do that voice but you put a certain amount of throat distortion on that falsetto at the top. It’s a very similar technique to what Axl Rose does when he’s doing ‘Sweet Child of Mine.’ I couldn’t do it in a full voice.”

You can watch the interview below.