Bryan Adams Says Stevie Wonder Inspired Him To Start Singing

Bryan Adams recently spoke to Guitarist about the early days of his music career. The musician recalled how he took up singing and admitted that a Stevie Wonder album inspired him to consider being a vocalist.

Adams bought his first electric guitar at age 12 and joined his first band when he was just 15 years old. So, he has been in the music industry since his teenage years. In the following years, Adams released his eponymous debut album at age 20. Thanks to his hit singles and the successful follow-up albums, he also worked with bands such as CCR and Deep Purple.

Apart from working with notable names in the industry, Bryan Adams is a commercially triumphant artist who has sold over 75 million records and singles worldwide. Though he has been active in the music scene since 1975, Adams hasn’t slowed down in terms of popularity and became the most played artist on Canadian radio in the 2010s.

In a recent interview with the Guitarist Magazine, Bryan Adams recalled the beginnings of his musical career. He stated that he left school to be in a band at 15 years old because there was nothing in school for a musician like him. Adams then added that the only class he liked was an electronic music class.

Following that, Adams revealed he listened to Stevie Wonder’s ‘Songs In The Key Of Life’ back then, and listening to this album inspired him to start singing. Adams then stated he began feeling like he might be a talented singer when trying to sing Wonder’s songs on the way to school, and this gave him the confidence to audition for the bands he got worked with previously.

Speaking to the Guitarist, Bryan Adams said the following:

“I left school at age 15 to be in a band. There was nothing in school for me, although I did attend an ‘electronic music’ class before I left. That could have been the best class I’d ever taken in school. It was around the same time Stevie Wonder’s ‘Songs In The Key Of Life’ came out, and that inspired me to take up singing.

Walking to school trying to sing and hit those Stevie notes was how I started to feel like I might have a voice. It wasn’t even close, but it did give me the confidence to audition for bands. And every audition I went for as a singer, I got.”

Stevie Wonder’s ‘Songs In The Key Of Life’ was released in September 1976. After its release, the album became known among the most recognizable and accomplished albums in the pop music scene. Moreover, it seems ‘Songs In The Key Of Life’ also inspired Bryan Adams to pursue a music career as a singer.

You can listen to ‘Songs In The Key Of Life’ below.