David Lee Roth Recalls How He Got Into Trouble While Riding A Bike In ‘Van Halens’ And His Hometown’

Former Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth shared a post on his official Twitter page revealing a brand new drawing from his ‘Soggy Bottom’ comic series, revealing the time when he got into serious trouble while riding a bicycle in his and Van Halen brothers’ hometown, Pasadena, California.

As many of you might know, the Van Halen brothers, Alex Van Halen, and Eddie Van Halen grew up in Pasadena, California when their family moved there in 1962 from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Just like the Van Halen brothers, David Lee Roth also moved to Pasadena from Massachusetts only one year after in 1963.

Recently, former Van Halen frontman revealed a story from the time when he, Alex Van Halen, and Eddie Van Halen were all living in Pasadena in which people knew who they were, and apparently, David Lee Roth got himself into big trouble when a guy pushed a stereo into his way while he’s riding a bike.

While David Lee Roth was trying to keep his balance on his bicycle, more people came after him, coming from a parked car which made Roth want to run even more. Towards the end of his story, Roth revealed that some of those guys are actually cops, however, he did not finish his story, leaving his fan with curiosity.

Here is what David Lee Roth said:

“True Story

I knew something was wrong rite away. He had a ‘the weekend’ haircut. (One of the best haircuts ever.) And a beat-bow… North of orange grove where the Van Halens and I grew up, the folks would recognize both. Just like I did. But there are two Pasadenas. There are no beat-boxes or ‘weekend haircuts’ in Singer Park. He makes eye contact- talks into his phone- turns- and pushes the stereo into the center of the sidewalk, blocking my bicycle. Drops down into basketball stance… I jink right; hard.

To be continued…”

He added:

“He goes for it. He tackles right, I jink left. Trick or treat… Two guys explode out of the parked car, running at me. Pissed off and not a sound. I jink right, harder. Now I’m going back this way. Two more guys out of a second car, sunglasses, baseball hats, 3-day face, one had gloves, gloves with wrist straps. Hauling ass. No. ‘Freeze,’ ‘police,’ ‘stop or we’ll shoot.’ I would have stopped.

To be continued…”

You can see the Twitter posts below.