Tom Delonge’s Regret About Blink-182 Lyrics

At an early age, Tom DeLonge was interested in skateboarding while living in the Californian suburbs. His interest in punk started in this way, and after receiving his first guitar, he began writing punk rock songs. DeLonge improved his songwriting skills by listening to successful names like U2, Depeche Mode, and Descendants. During his high school years, the rocker founded Blink-182 along with bassist Mark Hoppus and drummer Scott Rayner, which would become the foundation stone of his career.

The trio organized meetings in Raynor’s bedroom to practice their songs. They were writing songs and going to punk shows. DeLonge, who developed himself during that era, became one of the band’s primary songwriters. Although he had acquired a prominent place in the late ’90s and early 2000s, there was a point he was not happy with himself regarding his lyrics.

Tom DeLonge Was Not Satisfied With Himself About His Songwriting

Blink-182 debuted with the studio album ‘Cheshire Cat’ in 1995, which also featured the song ‘Carousel.’ The track was the first Tom DeLonge and Mark Hoppus wrote together. The band introduced itself with this record and paved the way for the success they would achieve with the upcoming works. In 1999, they achieved more significant success with ‘Enema of State,’ which sold more than 15 million copies worldwide. Later, ‘Take Off Your Pants and Jacket,’ released in 2001, became a number 1 record.

DeLonge, who was behind these crucial achievements as a songwriter, was unhappy with some of the works he created. As he revealed in a 2013 interview with Rolling Stone, he regretted his songwriting during his earlier days with the band. The rocker stated that he always desired to create more pleasing lyrics for the band’s albums. However, he added that punk rock had changed compared to how it was in the earlier days, especially regarding its fastness. So, his songwriting was shaped according to the punk rock of that era.

Tom DeLonge said the following about his regret:

I always feel I wish I wrote better lyrics, yet at the time, it was so different for pop-punk. It was, like, so fast.”

After many successful works and reunions, Tom DeLonge eventually parted ways with the band in 2015. He released his solo debut album ‘To The Stars… Demos, Odds and Ends,’ in which he delivered guitars, vocals, and piano for his first album. In 2021, DeLonge mentioned that the members were willing to reunite again after Hoppus’ health condition started getting better. However, in July 2022, Matt Skiba revealed that the band’s current situation is uncertain.