What Kurt Cobain Felt About Being The Killer Of Heavy Metal

Grunge is an alternative rock genre that became so popular during the early ’90s that it turned into a subculture, especially for young people back then. The genre’s most known representatives were considered as Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, and Stone Temple Pilots with the help of their hit records that were based on challenging subjects such as social alienation, self-doubt, abuse, neglect, and betrayal.

These bands dominated the Seattle grunge scene, and their new and rebellious approach to music brought them international fame and commercial success even though most of them preferred to continue as a local band from Seattle considering money and fame cost a lot. In addition, it’s been claimed that grunge’s rising and unstoppable popularity affected heavy metal bands’ and musicians’ record sales and fan base.

Did Grunge Kill Heavy Metal?

During the ’90s, many heavy metal musicians lost their dedicated fan base who started to listen to Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and the other grunge bands more and more. Therefore, the radios chose to play these bands’ songs, and the record companies wanted to make deals with the musicians who made alternative rock music. Many people claimed that grunge killed heavy metal, or hair metal, by drawing metalheads’ attention with their own rebellion against the authority.

Moreover, the problems between metal band members because of drug addiction, creative and personal differences along their managers’ pressure on them gave the new generation of alternative rock bands a great opportunity to gain critical acclaim and more place in the music industry. However, some other people thought that grunge only targeted the weakest link, and the best ones like Metallica, Mötley Crüe, Twisted Sister, and Black Sabbath continued to survive.

What Did Kurt Cobain Think About The Murder?

In one of the previous interviews that he participated in, Kurt Cobain revealed that he was a huge heavy metal fan for years, especially when he was in high school. Thus, it can be said that Cobain chose to produce alternative rock music that combined punk and heavy metal to create his own unique style. However, he added that he ‘has nothing against heavy metal fans.’

After the journalist highlighted the metal music fans that began listening to their records, Cobain stated that he couldn’t differentiate or discriminate their fans because of their music taste or heavy metal’s perspective toward some issues in the society such as gender and sexual orientation. Consequently, as a former metal fan, Cobain thought that it wouldn’t be fair to exclude them because of this reason.

In Cobain’s words, he said:

“I was a big heavy metal fan for years, in junior high school. I have nothing against heavy metal fans at all. For the most part of heavy metal has always been pretty sexist so. There are a lot of areas in it that I don’t agree with but that’s no reason to exclude a person from having an opportunity to listen to your music.”

You can watch the interview below.