The Offspring’s Pete Parada Is Replaced By Josh Freese After Refusing The Vaccine


Josh Freese confirmed that he has replaced Pete Parada for The Offspring’s upcoming events through his official Instagram account.

About a week ago, the long-time drummer of The Offspring announced that the doctors suggested Pete not to take the Covid-19 vaccine due to his Guillain-Barré Syndrome.  After refusing to get the vaccine, the band determined that Pete Parada has become an unsafe person for the rest of the members. Therefore, they decided to part ways with him.

Two days ago, Josh Freese jumped on a plane with The Offspring frontman Dexter Holland to join a gig with the band. As he announced, Dexter asked him to play with him in The Offspring shows.

Yesterday, the drummer shared footage from the show at SoFi Stadium, in which he was playing the drums and rocking on the stage. Although Josh is currently filling in for Pete, the band didn’t reveal whether he is going to become a permanent member or not.

Josh Freese shared his feelings in the caption of his Instagram post about playing with The Offspring as follows:

“I call this one ‘beating the living shit out of the drums.’ Great show this afternoon with The Offspring.”

You can check out the video below.