The Story Of Marilyn Manson’s Mission To Find Hitler’s Gun With Johnny Depp

An ordinary rock star, Marilyn Manson is not. The musician has built a reputation in mainstream media as a controversial figure and negative influence on young people, especially when considering his public image. From his stage performances that include self-harm to threatening a fellow rocker, Manson isn’t among rock stars that others get along very well.

However, his notorious fame for being a difficult person hasn’t always affected his personal relationships. As a matter of fact, he has several close friends with whom he has been friends for years. Believe it or not, one of those friends is famous actor Johnny Depp. Today, we will be taking a closer look at the details of their friendship and the time the duo had a mutual interest in a weird object.

Marilyn Manson And Johnny Depp Are Close Friends

Although it may initially be surprising to hear, Marilyn Manson and Johnny Depp are best friends; it actually makes sense once you think about the actor’s close interest in rock music. In fact, the duo has been friends for years now and even shared the same stage on several instances.

They are so close that Manson and Depp have matching tattoos on their backs and wrists to immortalize their friendship. If that doesn’t prove their close relationship, Manson is also the godfather of Depp’s daughter, Lily-Rose Depp. Two artists didn’t only share the same stage in terms of their music career.

Manson and Depp have also worked together in the past in the rocker’s music videos for, ‘Say10‘ and ‘Kill4Me.‘ Apparently, the duo has captured something special in the show business that isn’t found frequently.

Manson And Depp Tried To Buy Hitler’s Gun

When you have close friends like Johnny Depp and Marilyn Manson, it’s almost inevitable to hear crazy stories. In fact, the duo has interesting hobbies, as you can imagine, that have led them to search for peculiar objects in the past. Manson once revealed one of their rather odd quests on purchasing an item.

In a 2015 conversation with Rolling Stone, Marilyn Manson reflected on his friendship with Johnny Depp and revealed that they once tried to buy the gun that Hitler killed himself with. Furthermore, the duo has similar habits in their daily life, such as not going to sleep unless a TV is on. It seems like they learned so much about each other when they stayed in each other’s houses.

About his friendship with Depp, Manson said:

“We like to consider ourselves 12th-graders, the guys with more experience than the ninth-graders, the ones that the girls want to fuck. I mean, time and age are really irrelevant to me. Johnny is the same way. Sometimes, I think I’m trapped in the age that I started this. I’m trapped at 23.”

Naturally, the unexpected duo failed on their mission to buy the gun Hitler used to kill himself, a Walther PPK 7.65. However, the story gave a glimpse of the crazy nature of their friendship, and they most likely have many more adventures than they might let their fans know, considering their reputation.

You can watch the music videos below.