Sammy Hagar: ‘Van Halen Doesn’t Exist Without Wolfgang Van Halen’

Sammy Hagar said Van Halen doesn’t exist without Wolfgang Van Halen.

The Red Rocker recently shared a video from one of his recent shows and wrote in the caption:

“A little clip from Saturday night at the island in Vegas.”

In the comment section, one fan recalled seeing Sammy perform live back in the ’80s:

“Saw this guy go OFF THE CHAIN at The Texas Jam at The Astrodome in the early ’80s. Promoters thought it wise to put him on in front of Styx when they were insistent on doing the entire theatrical presentation of ‘Mr. Roboto.’ Hagar climbed the light rig, smashed every guitar on stage (including a vintage P bass that his bass player did NOT want to give up) needless to say, my 14-year-old self went apeshit, and when Styx came out? Mr. Roboto was pummeled with garbage and beer cups.. But.. I still like Van Halen better with DLR.”

Hagar Thinks It Is Not About Van Halen Anymore

Hagar saw this comment and replied by writing:

“Damn, I love this comment. And let it be known you and everyone else have the right to like whatever music you want freedom of expression and freedom of speech. I love those early Van Halen records. And right now it’s not about Van Halen anymore. Other than Wolfie there is no Van Halen come out and see Mike [Anthony], Joe Satriani, Jason [Bonham], and myself this summer I promise you a couple goosebumps.”

Another user was curious about something:

“Sam, you think their is a shot getting Wolf to show up one of the shows this summer?”

What Does Wolf Think About The Upcoming Tour?

Sammy responded to this comment with the fingers crossed emoji. So, the singer and Michael Anthony might have invited Wolf for their upcoming Van Halen tribute shows. In a December chat with Q104.3’s Out of the Box With Jonathan Clarke, Wolfgang spoke positively on the summer 2024 tour of Hagar:

“Yeah, that’s super cool, man. I’m stoked for it. I’m actually, I’m gonna be seeing Mike in Vegas, so I’m stoked to give him a hug.”

In early May, Anthony also invited Alex Van Halen to join them on stage. The trek kicks off on July 13 in West Palm Beach, Florida, and will continue until the end of August.

You can see Hagar’s post here.