Sting’s Son Giacomo Sumner Joins The Police, Not The Band But The Force

Sting’s son has taken a different path, joining The Police. It’s not the band though, but the real police force itself.

Giacomo Sumner recently became an officer. Reportedly, the singer attended the passing out parade of his son earlier this month.

Sumner said of his career choice on his social media:

“Becoming a police officer has been my dream since I was 13.”

The youngest of the frontman’s four children, Giacomo, holds a degree in criminal justice and can expect to start with a salary of around £36,000.

Sting’s Children Follow His Footsteps

All of Giacomo’s siblings have followed their father’s footsteps. They all pursued careers in music, acting, or filmmaking. Giacomo made his acting debut at the age of 11 and had a series of minor roles as well before deciding to switch career paths.

Even with their own careers and Sting’s net worth, the singer earlier made it clear to his children that they wouldn’t be able to rely on his fortune for their livelihoods. He said:

“All my kids rarely ask me for anything, which I really respect and appreciate. Obviously, if they were in trouble I’d help them, but I’ve never really had to do that. They have the work ethic that makes them want to succeed on their own.”