The Story Of Marilyn Manson And Johnny Depp’s Secret Matching Tattoos

Famous musician Marilyn Manson and Hollywood star Johnny Depp have been close friends for a very long time. Their friendship is still interesting and full of mystery for their fans due to the significant differences between the artists’ personalities and public images.

It can be said that their only visible common interest is music, which was probably the starting point of their longtime friendship even though no one expected Manson and Depp to get along with each other. The duo proved that they were also great partners with their musical collaborations.

Marilyn Manson And Johnny Depp Have Matching Tattoos On Their Backs and Wrists

Throughout their careers, Manson and Depp always supported each other while promoting their projects. Depp joined some of Manson’s stage performances and became his video clips’ guest star. In return, Manson attended Depp’s movie premieres such as ‘Sleepy Hollow’ and ‘Blow.’

Also, Manson and Depp’s gifts to each other were considered very peculiar by their fans. For instance, Depp gifted his wig, which he wore in ‘Blow,’ to Marilyn, and he gave Johnny his prosthetic breasts from ‘Mechanical Animals.’ In addition, the duo decided to get matching tattoos on their backs and wrists to immortalize their friendship.

In Manson’s words, he said:

“Johnny Depp is like a brother to me. We have matching tattoos on our backs – Charles Baudelaire, the flowers of evil, this giant skeleton thing. It’s kind of a secret. People say ‘why did you get that?’ and we say ‘no reason.'”

Therefore, it seems that the story of Depp and Manson’s matching tattoos of Charles Baudelaire’s ‘Les Fleurs du Mal’s cover art on their backs, and the ‘No Reason’ tattoo on their inner wrist will remain a secret until one of them decides to reveal the reason behind their choice instead of saying ‘no reason.’