The Paul McCartney Album John Lennon Called ‘Awful’

Once a Beatle, always a Beatle, right? Even though this was true for the bandmates, who were widely recognized for their roles in the band, even after they decided to go their separate ways, they still had to reinvent themselves to continue their careers in the music industry. While this transition was considerably easy compared to most just coming up in the scene, it was still a hurdle.

However, once every Beatle got settled in the scene and started their own thing, everyone was curious about what the former bandmates thought about each other’s work. So, not surprisingly, in Hit Parader magazine’s February 1972 issue, John Lennon was asked to share his thoughts about Paul McCartney’s then-latest album ‘Ram,’ which had just been released the year before.

The release of ‘Ram’ came right after the Beatles broke up in 1970. The former bandmates were growing in different directions. So, they grew apart and established their solo careers, each one focusing on new materials. So McCartney’s album came at a weird time after a tumultuous period.

“Of course I did,” Lennon said when asked if he had listened to his former bandmate’s record. “The first time I heard it, I thought it was awful, and then the second time, I fixed the record player a bit, and it sounded better.” The late Beatle didn’t particularly adore what his former bandmate had produced except for a few tracks.

He added, “I enjoyed a couple like ‘My Dog It’s Got Three Legs’ or something and the intro to ‘Uncle Albert.’ I can’t stand the second track from the, well, I mean, it doesn’t matter anyway. In general, the other album he did was better in a way. At least there were some songs on it.”

Regarding McCartney’s previous works, Lennon was more fond of them and enjoyed the sound much more as he explained, “I don’t like all this dribblin’ pop-opera jazz. I like pop records that are pop records.” This album, as a whole, had a mixture of genres he didn’t like much.

Although Lennon had very strong opinions about ‘Ram,’ the album topped the UK charts and even became an album that was highly praised and even considered one of McCartney’s best solo projects by many critics and fans alike. If you weren’t aware of the album, it’s time that you should give a listen to see whether you agree with Lennon or you’re a new fan.