The Offspring’s Noodles On Getting Stabbed By A Fan During Live Show

When a Twitter user recently recounted how The Offspring’s Noodles was once stabbed by a Nazi, the guitarist confirmed the incident with a tweet. Commenting on the matter, he wrote:

“True story. It was at an anti-nuke benefit, 1989, in Hollywood. Stabbed me in the shoulder. No lasting damage. I already hated nazis. Still do.”

When asked about the stabber’s reason for the action, Noodles explained:

“There was a whole group of them who just decided to fuck with all the ‘peace punks.’ I went to the door to try & break up what I thought was a fight. Guy jumped at me, then jumped back when I didn’t even flinch. They were just out starting fights.”

The scene took place while The Offspring was opening for Final Conflict during their ‘Ignition’ gigs. The band’s vocalist Dexter Holland talked about it in an interview with Louder in 2001. He recalled:

“Some skinheads turned up to mess up their show – we were playing right before them. They tried to break in, and the people on the door put up a table as a barricade that the skinheads were trying to get over. Noodles, being the pacifist he is, tried to get in between and mellow everything out.”

Revealing the guitarist’s reaction to getting stabbed, the singer went on:

“This skinhead jumped over the table and punched him in the arm. Noodles was like, ‘God, that really hurt – for a punch!’ Then he looked down, and his jacket was covered in blood, and it turned out that the guy had punched him with a knife in between the knuckles.”

After a few stitches, Noodles got better without lasting damage, as he said in his recent tweet. Today, he has upcoming shows with The Offspring, which will kick off in August and tour North America until late October.