ABC’s Martin Fry Says He Never Understood Radiohead’s ‘High And Dry’

ABC’s Martin Fry recently spoke in an interview with Darren Paltrowitz about covering Radiohead’s ‘High and Dry.’ He revealed that he didn’t understand what the song meant but covered it anyway.

Radiohead, formed in 1985, released ‘High and Dry’ in 1995 as a double-sided single from their album ‘The Bends.’ The single became one of their most successful and well-known songs. It reflects the iconic mood of the band that stuck with them and their musical reputation until this day. Although they haven’t released a studio album since 2016, their legacy still lives on with their iconic songs.

ABC is generally known to be a pop band, but their sound is unique to be considered mainstream music. They were formed in 1980 and were active for eleven years until they hit a stop. They later reunited in 1997 and have been active ever since. The band’s current lineup is only Martin Fry, who has been the only member to stay with the band since its formation and is now performing as ABC all by himself.

In 2015, he was offered to cover Radiohead’s song, and he did an excellent job adapting the iconic song into ABC’s unique style. Recently, he stated that he doesn’t even know the song’s meaning because ‘High and Dry’ could mean anything from pushing oneself to being about sobriety. He made the ’90s song sound from a different era, even though he didn’t know what it meant.

Here is what Fry said about covering ‘High and Dry’:

“With ‘High and Dry,’ though, that was a song that I’ve always thought was brilliant. I’ve never really understood what the song was about. Maybe pushing yourself too far, maybe sobriety. All sorts of things are in that lyric, and a guy came along and said, ‘We’d like to contact you to do a cover version.’ Which is something I’ve never done.

‘Can you make it sound like a song from a different era, as ABC as possible?’ I was working with a guy called Gary Stevenson, so we pulled down the pizzicato strings, and the pianos and the kettle runs. We put all the ABC cliches together in a box, and then that’s how that cover of ‘High and Dry’ [came to be.] Which is a song Radiohead brought out in the mid-’90s. “

You can watch the interview and listen to the cover below.