Steve Perry’s Real Motivation For Leaving Journey, Kenny Loggins Shares

Kenny Loggins recently joined an interview with John Beaudin of Rock History Music and revealed that the former Journey lead vocalist Steve Perry had a talent for emulating legendary rock artists.

He and the Journey frontman joined forces in their 1982 rock duet, ‘Don’t Fight It.’ When the host asked how Loggins’ collaboration with Perry came about, the musician replied by revealing Steve Perry’s real reason for leaving Journey:

“I had done a big outdoor festival with Journey, and that was the first time that I heard Journey and was blown away by his voice. I thought this was a great singer, and we kind of hung out a little bit after the show and said let’s get together and write together.

I didn’t know that he was planning on doing a solo album, but I think that was his motivation – write with other writers and get out of that box that he was in.”

Elaborating more on their time together, the guitarist continued:

“So he just came over to the house one day, and we kicked things around. I said, ‘I want a rocker, and I want something really simple because I tend to write complicated songs.’ And so we just went mindless on it and kind of just, ‘Where’s the groove? Just play the groove, and let’s sing the first thing that comes to our minds.'”

Then, Loggins recalled a memory from the studio, where Perry mimicked other rock artists:

“My favorite memory from that process is being in the studio, where Steve and I were both singing our lead vocals at the same time, which almost never happens. You usually send one guy in for a day, and then you send the other guy in for a day. So we’re singing at the same time, and between takes, he’s just riffing on voices that he somehow can magically do.

And I remember all of a sudden, he starts singing a Rod Stewart song, and he sounds exactly like Rod Stewart. And then, of course, Sam Cooke, which is like his go-to. One voice after another. He just had the ability to mimic all the rock greats. And plus, not just be a ventriloquist and sound like other people but actually create a voice of his own. I think he stands out as one of the great voices of certainly the ’80s if not all time.”

Kenny Loggins is currently on the road for his farewell tour, which is scheduled to conclude on November 4 in Santa Barbara. His next stops include Austin, Niagara Falls, New York, and Los Angeles.

Below, you can watch Loggins’ interview and listen to his collaboration with Perry.