The Mötley Crüe Song Featuring Steven Tyler


It’s not unusual when two musicians come across each other on occasions. For instance, Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour and Roger Waters rehearsed at the same studio by chance, and it was a time when they were at odds. Paul McCartney visited the Rolling Stones during a studio session and got kicked out by Mick Jagger.

However, not all of these encounters end up being unpleasant. Sometimes, two music acts come together and come up with a brilliant idea: collaborating on a project. This was the case when Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler and Mötley Crüe were at the right place and time to collaborate on a song.

Which Mötley Crüe Song Did Steven Tyler Contribute With His Vocals?


To record their tenth studio album, ‘Pump,’ Aerosmith went to Vancouver in January 1989 and entered Bruce Fairbairn’s Little Mountain Sound Studios. The album gained various successes and firsts after its release on September 12, 1989.

At that time, Mötley Crüe was also working on their fifth studio album, ‘Dr. Feelgood.’ Besides being their first record after their sobriety and rehabilitation, ‘Dr. Feelgood’ is also their best-selling album. As it turns out, Crüe was also at the same studio to record an all-time hit.

Featured on this album, ‘Sticky Sweet’ contains backing vocals of Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler. In a 1989 interview with Metal Edge, Tyler recalled the time they spent in Vancouver to record ‘Pump,’ and the reporter asked him about ‘Sticky Sweet.’ The singer confirmed he sang in that song and described ‘Sticky Sweet’ as a heavy and good song.

In the interview, Metal Edge asked Steven Tyler the following:

“You and Mötley Crüe were there at the same time, and you even sang on their record, Steven.”

Tyler then responded:

“Yeah, on ‘Sticky Sweet,’ a real heavy, good song.”

You can listen to Mötley Crüe’s ‘Sticky Sweet’ below.