Brian May Is Looking For A ‘Genius’ To Help His Cause

Brian May is in search of a genius.

You might know that May is known for his works and contributions to nature and animal welfare. He and Anne Brummer are now looking for someone to help Brummer ‘make changes in the backend of their salesforce system’ for their animal welfare organization Save Me. May took to Instagram and wrote:

“Dear Folks! Help! We need a genius! Do you know one? Just one will do! Tell Anne. OK? Thanks!”

Both May and Brummer are actively working to find the person the association is looking for.

 May Thinks Animal Welfare Should Be Above Politics

Brian May is an animal activist. His thoughts about animal welfare go beyond many other things. In a statement in Prospect Magazine, the Queen rocker wrote that in his world, animal welfare would be above politics:

“Why have we decided we can use and abuse the rest of creation—just because we can? Where is the logic? Where is the justice, the justification? I believe there is none. Animals deserve, need and must have rights. In my world animal welfare would be above politics.”

He also added that in his world every man would be ‘as free as a bird,’ and every voice would be ‘a voice to be heard.’

Credit: Brian May – Instagram