Ted Nugent Shares His Opinion On Free Music Streaming

During one of his live streams on his official YouTube channel, Ted Nugent reminded his fans of two of his singles named ‘Come and Take It’ and ‘American Campfire’ from his upcoming album ‘Detroit Muscle.’ Rock veteran also touched upon to subject of listening to songs for free and said that he doesn’t understand how it works as he spent money on making those songs.

Ted Nugent first announced his upcoming album entitled ‘Detroit Muscle‘ during a Facebook Livestream back in 2021 summer. Following this thrilling news, the musician started to reveal details about his new album, starting with the tracklisting of it. Nugent also named the musicians he worked with on the record including Greg Smith and Jason Hartless both of whom he previously played with.

On top of this, the musician played a portion of the brand new tracks during another Facebook Livestream to his fans. While the album was initially set to be released before the winter of last year, Nugent only released his singles named ‘Come and Take It’ and ‘American Campfire’ as the record itself is now scheduled to be released in April.

In the middle of the current controversy regarding the streaming platforms, and their payment policies to musicians that are considered to be way lower than they should be, Ted Nugent unexpectedly touched upon that matter during his recent live stream. At first, Nugent intended to remind his fans of his two singles from the upcoming album.

Then, the rocker said to his fans that they can listen to both of these songs for free which brought him to the matter of streaming platforms on which fans can listen to songs for free even if they don’t have a subscription. Nugent then said that he doesn’t understand this as how can somebody spend money on making music, or anything for that matter, and give it for free.

About listening to songs for free, Nugent said:

“The songs on this record, ‘Detroit Muscle,’ ‘Born in the Motorcity,’ ‘Come and Take It,’ ‘American Campfire.’ Both the singles, ‘American Campfire’ and ‘Come and Take It’ are out right now. You can get them for free. I don’t know how you do that because I spent a lot of money making them. How can you grow corn and cost you all kinds of money, and then you can’t give it away, can you give it away? Can you build somebody’s house and go ‘Nah, no problem, no charge.’ What is going on?”

You can see the video and listen to Nugent’s singles below.