Mark Hoppus Spreads Positivity On Social Media During His Fight Against Cancer

Blink-182 singer Mark Hoppus doesn’t stop spreading positive vibes through social media even though he is going through cancer treatment. He recently shared an Instagram post about his plants and remarked about they have become his ‘cancer buddies.’

Although he was recently diagnosed with cancer, his followers know that he has been approaching the situation very positively. His Instagram posts are grabbing his fans’ attention and are admired because they are funny and engaging. Since cancer is a very depressive illness, it is known that it gets easier once you have accepted the situation and keep your morale as high as possible.

This is what Hoppus has been doing. His posts indicate that although he is scared, he is not giving up and is trying to make the best of the situation. The Blink-182 singer recently announced that he bought his ‘cancer friends,’ a number of cactuses, and he has been obsessed with them ever since.

He recently shared his cactus family with his followers, stated his concerns about the cactus’ situation, and related the plants’ problems to his own. He uploaded a post a couple of weeks ago and stated that one of his cactuses showed a mutation and that he relates to them because his cells are going through a mutation as well.

Yesterday, Hoppus shared another post about his cactuses but this time, he sought professional help for their ‘wetness’ situation. He asked his followers whether they knew what to do if the soil became too wet. Afterward, he stated that he doesn’t want his cancer buddy to die because of his ‘ignorance.’

Here is what he wrote to ask for advice:

“I bought this crested blue cereus after my first round of chemo and the nursery said water it with half a gallon once a week, which I have been. However, I used a water meter on it and I think that’s way too much. Eight hours after its weekly watering the meter was pegged, while the other cactuses had drained nearly back to dry. The crests on my guy are yellowing. Obviously going to cut way back on watering, but should I also change out the soil it lives in?

The pot has a drainage hole but maybe the soil in the pot isn’t a succulent mix? And if I do change it out, when? After it dries out? Now? Will it pull through? The last photo is how it looked the day I got it. I need experts to weigh in. Thanks for your help. I’ll feel terrible if my cancer buddy dies from my ignorance.”

His remarks about his plants and relating to each one of them with his cancer without creating a depressive situation shows Hoppus’ fans how strong he is being during his treatment process. He is engaging with his fans, talking to them, and accepting all the help he can get whether it is for his plants or his illness. With his attitude, he is spreading positivity to people who love him and to people who are going through the same situation.

You can see his latest cactus photos below.

Photo Credit: Mark Hoppus – Instagram Page