Mark Hoppus Finds A Way To Keep Himself Stronger While Fighting Cancer

Blink-182 lead vocalist Mark Hoppus has recently posted a photo of his cactus to share his cancer garden with his fans and friends on his official Instagram account. As it can be seen in his post, Hoppus has been feeling better and stronger by building himself a therapeutic place.

As you may remember, Mark Hoppus announced that he has been fighting cancer for months by sharing an Instagram Story after he had deleted a picture of himself when he was at the hospital. His fans, friends, and bandmates reflected their love and support by sharing positive and hopeful comments after they got the bad news about Hoppus’ health status.

Moreover, he kept sharing updates about his thoughts and feelings about cancer and his ongoing treatment. He stated that he felt different in every round of chemotherapy but he said that he was better than before except for a few side effects of the treatment. He is fighting cancer not only with medical treatments but also with his positive way of thinking. As a part of it, he built himself a cancer garden that was full of mutated plants especially cactuses.

In his recent Instagram post, Mark Hoppus shared a photo from his ‘cancer garden’ by saying that he resembles the mutated plans to his own mutated cells. He feels connected, better and peaceful while he is watching and taking care of his therapeutic place with a cup of coffee. It seems that Mark found a way to keep himself stronger during his battle with cancer.

Hoppus’ Instagram post read as follows:

“Cactus people. This is my mutated crested blue cereus. On the tip of the non-mutated section, there’s this new growth that I thought might be a flower but now it has spikes coming out of it. Is that new normal growth? Further mutation? Flower? I put together a little cancer garden in the yard with mutated varieties because I feel connected to them through my own cells’ mutation. I sit here in the morning with them, drinking my coffee, and we’re like ‘well this is weird…'”

You can see some of the photos below.

Photo Credit: Mark Hoppus – Instagram