Steve Vai Confirms That He Had His Hand Torn Apart Which Caused By His Guitar Playing


Guitar virtuoso Steve Vai spoke in a recent interview with The Cassius Morris Show and revealed that he had a serious injury on his hand recently.

In the conversation, they were talking about the people who are suffering during the lockdown restrictions and Steve Vai mentioned that he doesn’t need to feel guilty for being good during these tough days.

Moreover, Steve stated that even though he feels for the people who are suffering during these rough periods, he mentioned that he can not help anybody by just feeling guilty for doing good.

Although Steve Vai feels good, he also revealed that he tore his hand down recently and thought that it is most likely happened for playing too much guitar during the self-quarantine.

Here is what Steve Vai said:

“A lot of people are even embarrassed to say that they’ve been thriving through the lockdown. They kind of feel like, ‘Well, how can you say that? Don’t you feel guilty because of all the other people that are doing so bad?’ No!

I don’t feel guilty for feeling good! How can I help somebody else by feeling guilty that I’m doing all right? I definitely feel for people that are suffering, that are going through challenges.

But I’m doing really great. I just had my hand torn apart, I had surgery on my hand; just a week before that I was in a sling for a month. I just took it out, I had my whole shoulder rebuilt. I think it was just like playing with my shoulder hunched.”

Interviewer asked:

“It actually was from playing?”

Steve Vai replied:

“I think. It was that or maybe something else because I’m pretty healthy all over. But there are other things and then somebody might say, ‘Yeah, well, you didn’t have all your finances taken away, and you didn’t have this happen, you didn’t lose these people…’

No, I’ve lost certain things, and I’ve lost certain financial things, but you know what? Things change, and it only means that it’s time for a change. If you lost your house, if you lost your money, and you even lost loved ones – it’s just it means it’s time to change.”

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