Dee Snider Announces That Twisted Sister Has Been Preparing A Special Gift For Their Fans

Twisted Sister’s frontman Dee Snider recently responded to a fan’s question through his Twitter account and revealed that while he’s been working on his solo career and getting ready for the release of his new album, Jay Jay French has been preparing a surprise for Twisted Sister fans.

As you know, Dee Snider started climbing the ladder of fame back in the ’80s as the frontman of Twisted Sister. However, soon after the band achieved worldwide fame, Dee decided to quit and pursue a solo career. Although at some point in his life he regretted this decision, his successful solo career made up for it.

Dee Snider released his fourth and latest solo album named ‘For The Love Of Metal‘ back in 2018 which topped the US charts and ranked Number 2 on the Top Hard Music Albums chart. Some months ago, Dee announced that he’s been working on a new album named ‘Leave a Scar‘ which will be released on July 30 through Napalm Records.

While some fans have been counting the days for Dee Snider’s upcoming album, especially after the release of the first single ‘I Gotta Rock Again’, others have been curious about whether he has any plans with Twisted Sister. Dee recently responded to this question and said that they should ask Jay Kay French as ‘he handles all that stuff’ but could keep himself from saying that ‘there are a lot of surprises coming.’

Here’s what a fan said:

“Hey, Dee Snider. Looking forward to the new LP, love the first single. Any plans to get the Twisted Sister catalog back in print? The Mobile Fidelity LP of Stay Hungry is amazing. Nice AAA pressings would be welcomed. Maybe a Twisted Box for Xmas?”

To which Dee Snider responded:

“Ask Jay Jay French! He handles all that stuff and there are a lot of surprises coming!”

You can check out the tweets below.