Bush’s Gavin Rossdale Recalls Being Rejected By Every Label In England

In a recent interview with People, Bush singer Gavin Rossdale opened up about the early days of his career. He discussed the numerous rejections he faced from record labels in England and how these experiences shaped his journey in music.

He spoke about the persistent challenges and the feeling of not being good enough for the music industry. Despite these hurdles, Rossdale emphasized his determination to succeed in his passion for music, hinting at the resilience he maintained in the face of constant denial. He said:

“For many years, I was denied making records. I wasn’t deemed good enough. Maybe I wasn’t, but I sort of feel that maybe they didn’t have much foresight. I don’t know if I was really confident and dumb, or dumb and a bit confident. Most people would’ve given up and most people would not have stumped the amount of rejection because it was just relentless. And it got to the point where I think that people around me just felt a bit bad for me. Because it wasn’t really happening, and it’s all I would do.”

Rossdale’s ‘Pathetic’ Feeling Before Forming Bush

In May 2023, during another interview with AI, Gavin Rossdale reminisced about the early days of forming Bush. He shared insights about his transition from being a vocalist in a U.K. pop band called Midnight to starting Bush.

Rossdale reflected:

“When I was waiting to form Bush, I was looking for a guitar player. And I thought it was a little pathetic that I had to wait to meet some guitar player so I could write a song. So, weirdly enough [’Comedown’] it’s the first time I wrote on guitar, first song I wrote entirely on my own.”

The Possibility Of A Hits Compilation Album

In another part of the interview, Bush frontman touched on the band’s first album, ‘Sixteen Stone,’ which has sold over 20 million copies and received a Grammy nomination. When discussing the success of their debut album, Rossdale spoke about the idea of creating a greatest hits compilation:

“I completely changed my opinion about [a greatest hits record] because I really got into the concept of just compiling the legacy. It’s a really amazing stretch of time to be given the thrill of making music.”

Gavin Rossdale on Retirement and New Ventures

Towards the end of his interview, Gavin Rossdale reflected on his future, both in and outside of music. He mentioned his diverse interests, such as his clothing line and a cooking show he’s working on, featuring guests like the still-active 83-year-old singer Tom Jones.

On the subject of continuing to perform in later years, Rossdale was clear about his limits. He said:

“Absolutely no way. No way, no way, no way. I’m already slightly nervous at this point. It’s like being in a dance competition—you don’t want anyone to tap me on the shoulder.”

He concluded with thoughts on his creative longevity:

“My friend told me that I will do my best work into my 80s. I still want to be creative — maybe in writing, or in designing clothes or home items. I just don’t know. If I’m going to be 85, I’ve got to rethink my stage act.”

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