Dee Snider Releases New Music Video Of ‘I Gotta Rock (Again)’ From His Upcoming Album, ‘Leave A Scar’

Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider‘s record company Napalm Records shared a tweet on their official Twitter account announcing the release of the new music video for Snider’s song ‘I Gotta Rock (Again)’ from his upcoming studio album ‘Leave a Scar.’

Former lead singer and the songwriter of the 80s metal band Twisted Sister, Dee Snider has been working on a new album during the lockdown. After leaving his band, he started to work on different bands, projects and continued his solo musical career, and released his first studio album in 2000.

His latest and fourth solo studio album ‘For the Love of Metal‘ was released in 2018 and received positive comments from critics and fans. There years later, heavy metal legend announced his fifth full-length studio album via Napalm Records official Twitter account.

As a celebration of the announcement of the album, they also released the first single ‘I Gotta Rock (Again)‘ from the album. The music video of the song was posted on the official YouTube account of Napalm Records. The song is reviewed by the fans as the exciting comeback of Dee Snider.

Here is what Napalm Recordings said in the tweet:

“Music Icon Dee Snider to Release Fifth Full-Length Album, Leave A Scar, via Napalm Records! Watch New Music Video for Charging Brand New Single ‘I Gotta Rock (Again)’

Take a look at the tweet below.

You can check out the music video.