Joey Tempest Says Europe Bonded Over Audioslave’s Debut Album

Europe frontman Joey Tempest recently joined a conversation with Louder Sound and talked about the band’s career. Tempest revealed in the interview that Audioslave‘s debut album made them united again.

Supergroup Audioslave, including impactful names late Chris Cornell, Tim Commerford, Tom Morello, and Brad Wilk, examined various genres and created a unique sound that appealed to many worldwide audiences. The band combined ’60s funk and soul, ’70s hard rock, and ’90s alternative rock in its music.

The group reached many fans with Cornell’s applauded singing and Morello’s distinctive guitar solos. They released three albums, sold millions of records, and received three Grammy nominations throughout their career. The self-titled debut album released in 2002 included the hit singles like ‘Cochise,’ ‘What You Are,’ and ‘Like a Stone.’

The album sold more than 160.000 copies in the first week of its release and entered Billboard 200 at seven. Later on, its sales increased and reached over three million records in the US. Also, music critics saw Audioslave potentially would become one of the best rock bands in the 21st century. Thus, the group reached many audiences and inspired lots of musicians.

As Joey Tempest revealed in a recent conversation, Europe was among the names influenced by Audioslave’s unique sound. When asked about the gap between Europe’s 1986 ‘The Final Countdown’ and 2004 album ‘Start From the Dark,’ Tempest stated that they had solo works. Besides missing each other when they got back together in 2002, another thing that united them was Audioslave’s debut album. According to Tempest, the record was a massive influence for the upcoming generations as a classic rock piece.

Joey Tempest said when asked about the gap between the two albums:

“Yeah. I had to release that solo album, and John Norum had to finish up some stuff in Los Angeles with Dokken, so we’d said, ‘Let’s meet up at Mic’s place in Stockholm in 2002!’ And that’s what we did, and we decided to get back together and do this our way. I remember we all bonded over the first Audioslave album, which we thought was brilliant, classic rock for the new millennium. An inspiring record.”

As Joey Tempest revealed currently, Audioslave was among the inspirations that united them in the early 2000s. Besides their willingness to create together again, the supergroup’s successful debut album was another encouragement that made them return to making music together.

You can listen to Audioslave’s debut below.