Ted Nugent Looks Up To Mick Jagger For Inspiration

After releasing his new statement single ‘Come and Take It’ from his upcoming album’ Detroit Muscle,’ Ted Nugent had a conversation on Andy’s Hall Pass and talked about the creation of his new album. He stated that as a 73-year-old, he takes Mick Jagger as his inspiration.

Nugent released his last album, ‘The Music Made Me Do It,’ in November 2018. After two years, he announced that he was working on a new album, ‘Detroid Muscle,’ to be released soon and excited his fans. He gave a sense of the album by releasing its first single, ‘Come and Take It,’ on November 12.

As you know, Nugent expresses his patriotic feelings at any chance possible, and thus, it shouldn’t be surprising that his music also reflects the musician’s personal views and aspirations. ‘Come and Take It’s patriotic theme was highly appreciated by his fans, and the single encouraged them to look forward to ‘Detroid Muscle,’ which is scheduled to be released in April 2022.

In his interview, Ted Nugent talked about still making music at 73. He stated that he still has the ‘heart and soul’ to create new music; hence, he can still create and doesn’t have a limit to his creations. Further, the veteran stated that he takes The Rolling Stones icon, Mick Jagger, as an inspiration since he is also around his age and performing.

Here is what Nugent stated in the interview:

“When you get up with your music maniacs in the bar at the swamp, you unleashing these killer songs is the result. Again, I’m lucky I’m so old. I’m 73, pretty old. I look to Mick Jagger for inspiration. But, if you put your heart and soul into it, there is no limit or handle to what you could do.”

Jagger is a surprising figure in the rock and roll world as he sets the bar for other musicians too high. He continues to sing and present his energetic moves on stage even though he is 78 years old. He continues to be the icon he once was, and this inspires Nugent to pursue working on and giving his fans new music to listen to.