Michael Anthony Says Sammy Hagar Got All Enamored With The Circle And Shares Future Plans For Chickenfoot

Former Van Halen bassist and current member of The Circle and Chickenfoot, Michael Anthony opened up about the future projects of Chickenband during an interview with Morristown, New Jersey’s 105.5 WDHA, and apparently, if frontman Sammy Hagar wants to focus on the band just like he is with The Circle, the projects may come sooner.

As many of you know, Chickenfoot is a supergroup formed in 2008 consisting of former Van Halen vocalist Sammy Hagar, bassist Michael Anthony, guitarist Joe Satriani, and drummer Kenny Aronoff. The band has released two studio albums, one live album, and one box set since their formation and has been quite silent since the band last released music in 2017 with their ‘Best + Live’ compilation.

While Chickenfoot has nowhere to be found, another supergroup named The Circle, originally formed in Miami in 2014, also consisting of frontman Sammy Hagar and bassist Michael Anthony, in addition to the drummer Jason Bonham and guitarist Vic Johnson, has been quite active from the day they were founded.

During a recent interview, The Circle bassist revealed the reason why Sammy Hagar focused on The Circle in addition to having high hopes for the future of Chickenfoot. Apparently, Hagar loved The Circle, therefore, focused on that band while leaving Chickenfoot behind.

According to Michael Anthony, once Hagar feels the same emotions towards Chickenfoot, brand new music projects will start coming from the band since all the other band members are eager to create new music after being away from the band for 4 years.

Here is what Anthony said:

“I think there’ll definitely be some kind of Chickenfoot in the future. Sammy and I, we talk about it all the time, and I text with Joe and Chad all the time if we’re not speaking. And I know Joe really wants to do it.

It’s kind of funny, ’cause we start doing The Circle thing, and Sammy gets all enamored with The Circle. He’s all, ‘Oh, yeah. It’s The Circle this and that.’ But you never know. He might wake up tomorrow and go, ‘Oh my God. Chickenfoot — let’s do a Chickenfoot gig.’

I definitely think that Chickenfoot will do something else. Whether we’ll record another album, which would be great — I’d love to do that, but I’d love to just get together and even just do some shows — do a bunch of shows with those guys. ‘Cause, that’s actually some of the best times I’ve ever had on the road.”

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