Nikki Sixx Exposes Taylor Swift’s Marketing Strategy

Taylor Swift’s new album hit the shelves, and she was pretty excited to go on a tour to promote it — but things didn’t go so smoothly. Her fans struggled a lot to get tickets from Ticketmaster due to an issue, and this caused Swift to voice her complaints on social media. As it appears, Nikki Sixx has a thing or two to say about this ‘marketing strategy.’

2022 is Taylor Swift’s year; she won three awards at the MTV VMAs, including Video of the Year. During her acceptance speech, she announced her new album ‘Midnights,’ which dropped on October 21. The album hit the charts following its release and brought Swift huge success. The singer then announced her 2023 Eras Tour to promote her latest record.

After the announcement of the Eras Tour, fans took to Ticketmaster to buy the tickets on pre-sale. However, they encountered many technical issues due to overwhelming demand. Swift made an announcement to express how she was pissed off, causing US Justice Department to open an investigation into the company.

Upon hearing the news about Taylor Swift’s issues with Ticketmaster, Nikki Sixx decided to post a tweet to reveal his opinions. According to the bassist, this is just a marketing strategy Swift uses to promote her album. “Is it just me,” wrote Sixx, “Or does Taylor Swift always seems likes she’s whining about something new every time she’s gonna drop an album?”

Nikki Sixx’s remarks caused controversy among the fans, and some didn’t stand by the bassist’s side. As it wasn’t Taylor Swift’s fault that Ticketmaster had technical issues handling the pre-sale, it’s highly debatable whether this is a marketing strategy. However, it seems Sixx believes Swift uses this complication to promote ‘Midnights.’