Alex Gaskarth On How Teddy Swims Ended Up On All Time Low’s New Record

All Time Low’s creativity continues to grow with each passing year. Their dedication to making new music for their fans has culminated in the release of their latest album, ‘Tell Me I’m Alive,’ on March 17. The tracks on this album include pop rock and pop punk energy, and fans are loving every second of it.

One particular song on the album, featuring a guest singer, has captured the hearts of fans everywhere. Is the reason for the album’s success Alex Gaskarth’s impeccable writing, or the guest vocalist’s impressive performance? Regardless, there is a touching tale behind the collaboration of All Time Low and Teddy Swims on this song, as Alex recently shared in an interview.

As fate would have it, Alex met Teddy Swims at a festival, and they bonded over their mutual admiration for each other’s work. Their connection only grew stronger from there, and Alex knew he had to invite Teddy to collaborate on the song ‘New Religion.’ Thus began a beautiful partnership between friends and colleagues, culminating in a highly successful song.

Alex said about Teddy Swims:

“Teddy Swims is just phenomenally talented. A great voice. A lovely dude. Someone that we ran into at a festival. Our dressing rooms were next door. It was one of those really cool moments where he poked his head in and went, ‘Hey, I grew up listening to your music. Love you, guys. I’m gonna come to watch the show.’ We were like, ‘Oh my God, we love your music.

We’re gonna come to watch your show.’ We ended up hanging out all day and from there we stayed in touch. When we wrote that song, I felt like I wanted to have somebody on it when I wrote it. Teddy became the obvious choice. He was down to come on board. That voice, he’s just it. I heard him do his part, and I was like ‘Can we just take me off the song, can they just do it?’”

Alex went as far as to say that he wanted Teddy to be the only vocalist in the song because of how much he admired his work. However, he and the fans ended up with Teddy’s vocals for just the second verse and then both vocals in the final chorus. Judging by the YouTube comments, the duo’s work was very much adored, and the fans are more than content with the vocal distribution.