Billy Gibbons Recalls Jimi Hendrix Being Fascinated By Jeff Beck

It’s heartwarming to know that two of the top-rated guitarists arguably of all time admire each other to the point of emulating one another’s playing styles. ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons shedding light on the mutual admiration between Jimi Hendrix and Jeff Beck has rekindled our belief that even if you’re at the top of the pyramid, there’s room for adoration for others who are on the same level.

“He was always practicing. Always curious about the next unusual twist. He was fascinated by Jeff Beck’s playing,” shared Gibbons while speaking to Classic Rock about Hendrix’s admiration of Beck’s playing. “I have vivid recollections of tip-toeing into Hendrix’s hotel room, and he always had a record player, a giant piece of furniture, in his room.”

Gibbons recalled Hendrix asking him about the twists and turns that Beck could do with his playing. “He said: ‘Man, how do you think Jeff Beck is doing this?’ And I said: ‘Well, I can probably imagine Jeff Beck is scratching his head wondering the same about you.’”

Up-and-coming guitarists influenced by Hendrix or Beck probably wouldn’t think that the icons themselves saw their peers as sources of inspiration. But when we get to the heart of the matter, I guess it’s not about how we see the icons but how they see themselves and how they can improve their craft. It’s a valuable lesson to be learned from top musicians who are humble enough to admire someone else’s work.