Ted Nugent Shares His ‘Dark Prophecy’ About The Future Of The US

In a recent episode of the Nightly Nuge, Ted Nugent revealed his scary prediction of what might happen in the not-too-distant future of the United States.

Ted Nugent is a relentless supporter of former president Donald Trump and the Republican Party. He has often stirred controversy due to his outspoken political statements. According to Nugent, the election was a fraud, and Trump renegotiated global contracts for America’s benefit, unlike Biden, who he argues has reversed them to do harm.

The rocker has frankly expressed his hate towards the Democrats and Joe Biden in almost all of his Facebook live streams. In June 2021, the musician argued that Biden was the worst human possible to represent America who couldn’t even form a sentence. Besides, he also called him ‘satan number one.’

Apart from his political views, Ted Nugent also made the headlines with his conspiracy theories. When the pandemic took over the world, he claimed the coronavirus was created in a lab in Wuhan. Recently, Uncle Ted came up with another conspiracy theory. In a new episode of the Nightly Nuge, he claimed that Biden was preparing for a nuclear disaster.

According to Nugent, Biden plans to create a nuclear event while the world is focused on China and Russia. He argued that the US military is getting weaker, and it’s the ugliest chapter in the country’s history. Nugent said the Democrats are disturbed by the fact that Trump has unprecedented support and could use a tragedy like a nuclear attack to stop the midterm elections.

In the video, Ted Nugent said the following:

“I believe that this insane, evil, power-abusing monster in the White House will obey the immoral and the oath-violating American human violating command to create a nuclear event because we’re blindsided by China and Russia. And our military is getting weaker by the day as we’re scrambling to make maternity outfits for jet fighters. This is absolutely the ugliest chapter in American history.

I believe they would go to that outrageous length to halt the midterm elections because there’s such unbelievable, unprecedented support for Donald J. Trump as a deep state exposer, a spotlighter of cockroaches, and a true, conservative, and constitutionalist. And that drives the Left and the Democrats crazy. And they are so rotten to the core, I believe that they will use a real tragedy, and there will be innocent lives lost just to stop a legal election.”

You can watch the video below.