Mountain’s Corky Laing Recalls Stealing Keith Moon’s Favorite Jacket

In a recent conversation with Vintage Rock Pod, Mountain drummer Corky Laing reminisced about a memorable moment involving the Who’s Keith Moon and his favorite jacket. Laing shared the amusing anecdote that took place during a concert when he inadvertently took Moon’s cherished Union Jack jacket, which had been tossed off the stage.

During the event, Laing spotted the sequined jacket, featuring the Union Jack design, under the stage. Believing that Moon had discarded it, the musician decided to take it and proudly showed it off to his bandmates in their dressing room. However, little did he know that Keith was frantically searching for the jacket, which held sentimental value as it was handmade by his grandmother.

As Moon, who was wearing no clothes, was being held back by others while looking for his jacket, Laing caught a glimpse of him and tried to get his attention. At first, he dismissed Corky, thinking he was asking for an autograph. Laing persisted and eventually managed to return the jacket to Moon.

Corky Laing recalled the incident, saying:

“I go, and I see this beautiful jacket. All sequined with the flag, the Union Jack, the one that he used or Pete used, and all the promo. I pick it up and go, ‘I guess he doesn’t want it. He threw it.’ We’re talking under the stage. I pick it up, and I put it under my coat, and I go back to the dressing room; hockey locker room, and I say, ‘Hey guys. I got Keith Moon’s jacket.’

They’re saying, ‘What are you talking about?’ ‘Well, they threw it off the stage. I guess he doesn’t want it.’ Sure enough. At that moment, the locker room next door with the Hoover screaming and shouting [mimics Keith Moon]. He’s got no clothes on, he’s going out to the stage. Along the hall, they’re holding him back, and he’s going past the dressing room.

I saw him, and I said, ‘Keith! Keith!’ [He says] ‘No autographs. I got to get my jacket. My grandma made it for me.’ I go, ‘No, no.’ He kept walking, and I screamed. I took the jacket, and I went, ‘Here it is.’ He looked at me, and at that point, I went, ‘What the f*ck is he going to do?’ He comes to me, and he grabs me by the coat, and he says, ‘I can’t believe it. You got my jacket. I’ll never forget you,’ and he gives me a great big kiss only Keith Moon could do with no tongue.”

Upon receiving the jacket, Moon expressed his gratitude by giving Laing a heartfelt embrace, telling him that he would never forget the kind gesture. Laing was initially unsure of how the late drummer would react, but the incident ended on a positive note, leaving both drummers with a unique story to tell.