Ted Nugent: ‘Joe Biden Is Satan Number One’

Rock Veteran Ted Nugent once again opened up about the coronavirus pandemic during his recent YouTube live stream and this time he also linked the virus with a satanic cult that includes a member, the 46th and current president of the United States, Joe Biden to whom Nugent referred to as ‘Satan number one.’

As many of you know, every day is a controversial day thanks to the statements of Ted Nugent who aims to enlight his fans about the creation of the coronavirus which is apparently engineered in a Wuhan lab and supported by people such as former President of the United States Barack Obama, the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, and the director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Anthony Fauci.

While the topics and his opinions range from the coronavirus pandemic to Donald Trump not being responsible for the Capitol Riot, to claiming that legendary basketball player LeBron James supporting the devil by being paid by the Communist Chines Party, the mindblowing statements made by Nugent seem to keep coming during every single live stream.

Ted Nugent didn’t surprise his fans with his recent Facebook Livestream during which he once again stressed the ‘fact’ that the coronavirus is produced in Wuhan labs by the communist Chinese in order to kill and hurt all the people around the world. Somehow, his statements had nuances to the Democrat Party and securing the borders somewhere in the middle of his speech as well.

On top of these bold statements, Ten Nugent took the matter a step further and stated that the United States of America is being managed by a satanic cult that apparently created the coronavirus in the first place and Joe Biden is the satan number one whose strings are being pulled by somebody else.

During his Facebook Livestream, Nugent said:

“The communist Chinese in between murdering their own people and running their concentration camps in communist China. They engineered a dangerous epidemic in toxic… Whatever that was, in the Wuhan lab. They created the virus on purpose to hurt and kill people around the world. Write that down. They’re the Communist Chinese, they murdered their own family members and run concentration camps, surely you can connect those dots.

See my music is so important today because I can still put out the ultimate shit ingredient on my face in spite of the demonic cult of satan in our White House in the Democrat Party. By the way all you republicans, you aren’t doing shit, you’re worse, you’re even worse than the satanic cult of the Democrats.

Secure the damn borders, just secure it. Don’t let them let our murderers, rapists, and carjacker, stop them from releasing them. That’s the answer, who could possibly not know this? It’s not about being dumb or just dishonest and immoral. You know it’s happening, they won’t stop it, they are doing it on purpose. We’re being run by a satanic cult and Joe Biden is satan number one even though somebody is pulling strings and God knows who.”

While Ted Nugent fans aren’t surprised to hear these statements anymore and oftentimes support him on his controversial and rather offensive allegations, many other rock fans are quite furious at the rock star as his accusations and opinions tend to cross the line pretty much every time.